What is VDP?

Variable Data Printing, or VDP, is printing that uses database records to personalize output to your customers’ specific, individualized needs and desires. VDP can print any level of personalization from simple names and addresses to images and text that target a customer’s needs. In short, VDP is the ultimate direct marketing tool!

Why use VDP?

Customers like to be recognized and treated as individuals. Nothing turns people off more quickly than being generalized with a static, stereotypical marketing message. VDP is the extra effort that shows your customers how important they are to you; so important that you recognize and remember their specific needs.
Within any VDP document, there are multiple levels of personalization.

Types of VDP

Static: Traditional mass mailing that targets everyone as a whole. This is common and overused.

Personalized: Every customer’s name and address appears but nothing else is different. The marketing message is static.

Versioned: The client base is broken down into different segments such as demographics, personal interests, geography, etc.

Fully Loaded: Each document is as customized as possible for each customer. Headlines, text, images; everything is relevant to the client’s needs.

Any one of the levels of personalization can then be used in a number of different, uniquely tailored campaigns.

 Postcards    News letters    Self Mailers

Proposals    Membership Kits


Preparing & Planning a VDP Job

VDP sounds so revolutionary that it must take special, expensive design programs right? Wrong. VDP can support almost any design program currently available such as Adobe InDesign, Quark Express, Microsoft Publisher, etc.

Once the design is established, do you still need to provide a database? No. While the best, most relevant VDP jobs will come for your existing databases, EMI Printworks can get information for you. We have access to databases that contain basic information such as names, addresses, and business names.


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